Designed By You Fairy Fashions For Dolls Craft Kit For Kids

Dream It. Design It. Make It. Designed by You Fairy Fashions is an engaging, no-sew craft activity where you design and make outfits for your dolls! Create your no-sew fashions using the mannequin, 16 ½ yards of tulle, flowers, ribbon, rhinestones, fairy wings, butterflies, lace-up tops and more. Add glitter glue and rhinestones for extra sparkle. Use fairy sketch book, markers and a stencil to plan and design your ideas! Fairy fashions are made to fit an 11” doll. Comes with enough supplies to make skirts, tops, flower crowns and fairy wings – enough for 5 complete outfits Safe and easy for kids! Use tying methods, glue and plastic needles to create your own fairy costumes! Instructions and videos are also available to help in your design and sewing process Embellish your designs with fabric flowers, glitter glue, rhinestones and sequins! Adding these accessories will make the fairy fashion designs unique to you!